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Our six guiding principles

When we originally founded the firm, we started with a clean sheet of paper. We asked ourselves “How would I like to be treated?”, and as a result, we formulated these six principles to put our clients first and foremost:

1. To receive personal attention from my investment manager

All our clients matter to us as individuals, and each client portfolio is the personal responsibility of two partners. We thereby avoid the alienation and distancing from advisers that can be felt by clients of larger firms. We take time to understand our clients’ personal and financial objectives and their tolerance for different approaches to investing.

2. To have services tailored to my individual needs

We never pigeon-hole our clients, but use our knowledge of their attitude to risk, and any ethical, tax, pre-existing investment, and income/growth constraints. All investment portfolios are individually designed using common sense and experience. Two partners oversee individual investments for the client, using recommendations from the whole team as a basis.

3. To have no conflicts of interest with my investment adviser

The business is structured so that the interests of clients cannot be compromised by those of the partners.

Because we are independent, we have no parent organisation with a different agenda. We have no in-house products to sell our clients in preference to more advantageous third-party investments. We make no transaction charges, we rebate all commissions, and take no interest on your cash; so we have neither opportunity nor incentive to manipulate portfolios for our own advantage.

At Gore Browne, we are on your side of the table.

4. To have an advisor who always acts as my agent

We aim to buy the most appropriate investments for our clients, and our chief motivation is in meeting our clients’ expectations.

We have complete freedom of choice to select the best managers and products for each type of investment.

5. To have risks and opportunities in my portfolio diversified

Listed equities and gilts are proven long-term assets and form the core of most portfolios. Returns on other asset classes can be compelling however. The expectations of many of our clients can be met by diversifying assets, for example by including property, private equity and hedge funds.

6. To know exactly what the costs will be

Our fees are simple, transparent and our only source of income.

By following these principles, we believe we can develop relationships of mutual trust with all our clients.


If you have any questions or require more information, please click the button below to send us a message via our contact form, or call one of our offices to speak to us.

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