Gore Browne Investment Management: An Overview

We are a national company providing investment services for private clients, family trusts, charities, pension funds and professional advisers. GBIM was established as a partnership in 2004 and incorporated in 2013.

We believe that trust, a personal touch and the ability to respond to individual requirements are of vital importance to clients. Our success and reputation is built on a simple but increasingly rare commitment to superior client service.

Commitment to Clients

This commitment to clients was the major reason why the founders established the original partnership with its core principles. All GBIM investment managers put their clients’ interest first, by following these core principles.

Attention to detail, openness and accountability are fundamental to what we do. We have no ties to banks or other financial institutions.

Our Approach


GBIM is an owner-managed boutique, with all the benefits for clients that this implies. With its main office in Salisbury and an office in Harrogate, the business has clients all over the UK, and abroad.

We believe that GBIM is a compelling choice as an investment manager for a number of reasons:




Access to your managers


No hidden fees


Focus on our Strengths

Meet the team

Teams are built with succession in mind, training and educating the younger team members. We ensure every single member of the team is accessible, helping to improve our efficiency.

Our Approach

We make investments work for you. Our team of experts tailors their services to you and manages your portfolio, no matter the size, to help you get the very best from your money.

Ready to start navigating the investment landscape?