A clear view of your GBIM investment portfolio(s)

On your desktop, or as an app on your tablet or smart phone, your investments are brought together under a single login, accessible to you at any time, wherever you are. The dashboard gives a snapshot of your investment portfolio and is an easy navigation point to everything you need.

Keep track of your investments

myGBIM makes it easy to see how your GBIM investment portfolio is performing. Valuations are updated daily and build into a history across your entire portfolio. You can also view the underlying portfolio holdings if you want to see more detail.

Keep your important documents safe

GBIM Quarterly Valuations, tax packs and other documents can be electronically delivered to you. myGBIM keeps important financial documents secure and accessible. When we share documents and reports you’ll receive a notification. Simply log in to myGBIM from any device and read them when it’s convenient.

Secure and timely communications

As an alternative to email you can contact your Investment Manager directly through myGBIM. Notifications alert you when important messages are waiting to be read. myGBIM ensures that personal data is exchanged using only the most secure methods.

myGBIM Client Application Form

For existing clients, download our current client application form.

If you are one of our professional clients, download an application form today.

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