Traditional Values, Modern Views

We value the relationships with our clients. Our priority is helping them navigate specific challenges on their way to becoming more financially assured. We work collaboratively, focussing on the empowerment of our team and our clients. We are constantly creating bespoke solutions for clients who need to do things differently, because as investment changes, so we adapt at every stage. Our six founding principles are still as relevant today as when we first created them.

Put the client first at all times, and treat each one as an individual

Our clients are individuals, and that matters to us. Common sense, experience and our knowledge of their goals and their attitudes to risk help us to understand and define how we can help, and how we should invest for them. Sometimes people have ethical, tax, income or other concerns, and we always do our utmost to accommodate these priorities.

Provide personal attention to every client

We take time to get to know our clients, and we enjoy our relationships with them. It is always worth the effort to understand their personal and financial objectives.

Ensure that we are always available

Two members of the firm oversee each client’s investments, and so there should always be someone in the office whom the client knows.

Be clear on conflicts of interest

We make no transaction charges, rebate all commissions received, and take no interest on cash, so we have neither the opportunity nor the incentive to manipulate portfolios for our own advantage.

We are on your side of the table.

Diversify the risks and opportunities in portfolios

Most clients are familiar with the idea of investing in companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, or in UK Government debt and perhaps in commercial property. Such investments, and those from other countries, form the core of most portfolios. Returns on other asset classes can be compelling however, especially now that interest rates are so low. The expectations of many of our clients can be met by diversifying assets further, for example by including infrastructure, mortgages or private equity. We also invest in themes, such as healthcare and technology. Sometimes clients like us to support sustainable practices, which have a greater focus on “doing the right thing”, the interpretation of which varies widely!

Ensure that all costs are explicit.

Our fees are simple, transparent and our only source of income.

Working with GBIM

We make investments work for you. Our team tailors their services to you and manages your portfolio, no matter the size, to help you achieve your objectives.

Our Approach

Attention to detail, openness and accountability are fundamental to what we do. To find out more about how we invest click below

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