Dear All,

GBIM, like you and many other businesses around the world, has had to adapt and face the challenges of Covid-19 while following Government advice and best practice.

Clearly our priorities are protecting the welfare of our staff while continuing to provide the best possible level of service to our clients and their professional advisers. All of our day to day functions, whether investment related or administrative, are covered by at least two people, and we have technology in place that enables remote working so that staff can operate from home safely and easily with access to all our systems.

While our offices in Salisbury and Harrogate remain open, they are manned by a skeleton crew and this will continue to be the case until further notice. We can confirm that your custodian, Pershing Securities Ltd, has maintained its operational efficiently.

You can continue to reach your GBIM contact during normal office hours using their usual telephone number and email address. If you would like we are more than happy to arrange virtual meetings using either Teams or Zoom. Clearly, emails will be preferable to hard copy post when possible.

These are challenging times; but be assured that GBIM is fully operational and we are monitoring markets and your interests carefully.

We look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future. In the meantime, keep in touch, and follow our website for updates, news and commentary.

With best wishes,