Published: April 2019 (2 Min Read)

Last year we welcomed an intern who was introduced to us by the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF), after reading about the SMF in The Spectator, whose editor is a trustee and ardent supporter.

The SMF is a charity which was established in 2005 to provide opportunities and support to school leavers and graduates who do not have the contacts and networks that many of us are lucky enough to have. As you know we at GBIM have long run internships for graduates, but we have always been conscious that this was confined to applicants from our own narrow spheres. The Spectator encourages businesses to offer paid internships, rather than make charitable donations, and we thought this was an excellent idea.

It ended up with us offering a six-week paid internship to a student selected by the SMF. It was a great success and we have asked her to get back in touch when she has graduated and is looking for work. This was recognised by The Spectator Magazine in its Christmas 2018 issue.

We intend to offer such an internship every year from now on. If you are interested, and able to offer an internship place to an SMF student, please visit:

Article written by
Bertie Gore Browne