Published: 27th April 2022 (1 Min Read)

In the UK, just 8% of women are CEOs at FTSE 100 companies and women in managerial positions are twice as likely to be mistaken for junior employees than men. As part of our drive to encourage diversity  in the workplace we are sponsoring the Girls Are Investors (GAIN) charity to inspire and empower young women to work in the investment industry.

GAIN have surveyed young women aged 16-21 and found the reasons for their hesitancy in considering an investment career are twofold. “Firstly, young women don’t understand what investing means and why it’s important to society. Secondly, there aren’t enough female role models in investing – and if you can’t see her, you can’t be her.”

Gore Browne Investment Management is working with the GAIN Programme by providing a summer internship for a talented University student. The internship will run for 4-6 weeks in our Salisbury office. They will be assigned an investment manager to shadow and will have various tasks to carry out including a research project. Additionally they will be required to participate in internal investment meetings, fund manager and AIM company meetings.

We look forward to continuing to support the GAIN charity, and hope to guide and have a positive impact on girls and young women’s careers within the industry.


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Article written by
Tinzar Minmin