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GBIM Newsletter May 2018

Posted: 30th May 2018  /  By: GBIM  /  Categories: General News  /  Comments: 0

GBIM are pleased to present our new style newsletter has been published and can be found online by clicking here. 

We hope that you find it interesting with a brighter, more engaging look. Any comments are always of course welcomed.

GBIM Newsletter – Quarter 3 2017 – Why is gold not glittering?

Posted: 11th Sep 2017  /  By: GBIM  /  Categories: General News  /  Comments: 0

There is an old stock market adage: ‘The only predictable thing about gold is that it is unpredictable’. There can have been few periods when that maxim has seemed truer.

Yes, gold has had a steady 2017 so far, with the price advancing around 10% in US$ terms. But goldbugs have been frustrated by bullion’s weak performance since it peaked in the autumn of 2011, especially given the consistent background of …

GBIM Newsletter – Quarter 1 2017 – Bridging the gap – diversifying through infrastructure

Posted: 22nd May 2017  /  By: GBIM  /  Categories: General News  /  Comments: 0

Back in 2004 when GBIM began, we asked ourselves, “How would I like to be treated?” As a result we formulated six principles designed to ensure that we put our clients first. The fifth of these was “To have the risks and opportunities in my portfolio diversified”. While we recognised that listed equities and bonds would be the proven long-term assets which would form the core of most portfolios, at the same time we realised that returns on other asset classes could …

GBIM Newsletter Quarter 4 2016 – A New Era for Interest Rates?

Posted: 31st Jan 2017  /  By: GBIM  /  Categories: General News  /  Comments: 0

The referendum has pushed us towards the Brexit door, and Donald Trump may shut the gate on immigrants and free global trade. So where does that leave us – is this a new threshold? If so, have economic fundamentals dramatically changed? Has the outlook for inflation and interest rates changed? Will central banks behave differently?

A New Threshold?
It is very likely that we are about to embark upon a new …

GBIM Newsletter Quarter 3 2016 Brexit Britain – the fault lines within Britain

Posted: 21st Jul 2016  /  By: GBIM  /  Categories: General News  /  Comments: 0

Zhou Enlai famously said to President Richard Nixon in 1972 that it was still “too early” to assess the significance of the French Revolution. It is now generally accepted that he was actually referring to the student uprisings in Paris during 1968, not the events of 1789, but it is undoubtedly true that the real effects of historic events are only evident years, even decades, later.

August commentators can assess the …

GBIM Newsletter Quarter 2 2016 – Privacy Vs Security, Despatches From The Front Line

Posted: 16th May 2016  /  By: GBIM  /  Categories: GBIM Publications, General News  /  Comments: 0

Our readers will be aware of the Investigatory powers Bill currently making its way through parliament – or the “snooper’s charter” as it has been dubbed in the press. Like all modern societies and economies, the UK is continually having to adapt its internet security to combat ever-changing threats in many distinct areas, most notably its everyday use by consumers and companies to carry out transactions or otherwise transfer money. …

GBIM Newsletter Autumn 2015 The MPC – Masterful Inactivity?

Posted: 14th Oct 2015  /  By: GBIM  /  Categories: GBIM Publications, General News  /  Comments: 0

In each of the 78 months since March 2009, the nine members of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) have met for several hours before deciding not to change the UK’s Official Bank Base Rate – of 0.5%pa. Given the hourly rate that the members of this committee can command, collectively they might have used the same time to earn well over £3m making speeches or writing august …

GBIM team participate in a Dragon Boat Regatta on beautiful Lake Windermere.

Posted: 22nd Sep 2015  /  By: GBIM  /  Categories: Charity, General News  /  Comments: 0

The GBIM team “Gore Blimey” was one of 16 that entered the Low Wood Bay Charity Dragon Boat Regatta on Sunday 13th September. Dragon Boats are 12 metres long and are powered by up to 18 paddlers with a helm and the all-important drummer who sits in an exposed position on the bow and whose job it is to keep the crew paddling in time. The regatta is organised by …

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